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Cornerstone Shetlands is an offshoot of Becker Bros Ponies which dates back to the late 1950's. Sherri Jolliff is a third generation pony girl. Originally from LaMoille, Illinois and now a resident of West Plains, Missouri, Jolliff, her children and grandchildren travel and show ponies all over the Midwest.


"I tell people that my family had ponies before they had me and this is true! At one time my father, Ron Becker, and his brothers Fred and Bruce were known as Becker Bros. Ponies. They showed Shetlands and Hackneys. My father loved driving teams and at one time had a team of four black stallions (Brett, Bart, Billie and Beau) that he showed nearly every weekend at small local shows. When his brothers went to college and my brother

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and I were too small to be headers for him, he sold his team. But, this never kept him from driving harness and roadster. I remember driving ponies from the time I was able to sit between my father’s legs in the cart and hold the lines. We mostly showed the county fair circuit, multi-breed shows in Peoria, IL and small local shows. When I was in my early teens, my family purchased Ramble Ridge Rocket and began a successful breeding program.


Now, it is just my uncle, Bruce Becker, and daughter and myself! Bruce and Trudy have Brush Creek Shetlands and Katelyn and I own Cornerstone Shetlands. My husband and I have 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. Two of my granddaughters are currently involved in the youth programs of the ASPC and my grandson is riding in lead line until he is big enough to show in other classes.

I enjoy showing in Amateur in-hand and driving classes. While my love is for the moderns and ASPR, I also own classics and Hackneys.

Ever since joining ASPC/AMHR in 2001 I have enjoyed being involved! I was chair of the Modern Sweepstakes committee for 2 years, have sat on the Modern committee, and I am currently on the ASPR committee. I have also been president of CSPA since 2009. We are proud of the many accomplishments of the club which include the publishing of a cookbook with proceeds to start a youth scholarship which is awarded each year and the annual CSPA show which is one of the biggest multi breed shows.

My proudest accomplishment is my stallion, Cornerstone’s Valiant Man and his show career. Val has a record of 12 National Grand Championships, 8 Modern Pony of the Year titles, a Silver HOF, and a Gold HOF. And now, working toward his Grand Sire award!


In 2021, we were named the Modern Breeder of the Year by the ASPC/AMHR. Our Shetland and Hackney breeding program features some of the greatest names in the business including Ramble Ridge Rocket, Kilbro's Willie Doo, Cornerstone's Valiant Man, Strike A Deal, Kilbro's Image, Romeo LF and others.

I truly love the ASPC and the family that I have gained through the ponies!"


~  Sherri Becker

The Story of Cornerstone Shetlands...

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